1. How can I provide the product?

You can request from dealers on our website.

  1. How do you deliver the product?

Each product is packed and shrinked as 10 pieces.

  1. When does the queen bee start ovulating by using  BAŞARI Honeycomb ?

Same day.

  1. Do the bees start storing honey in the same day?


  1. Does it contain any additive substance?


  1. How do you sterilize the honey wax?

In Electronic environment, by PLC control system it is sterilized up to 120oC .

  1. What is the ease for honey keeper?

No more tacking lath, No more wiring, No more pasting honeycomb, No more losing Time.

  1. What are the advantages compared to old black honeycomb?

In Turkey's first PLC environment, your bees are 100% safe with your sterilized wax. It is very advantageous against varroa risk, against disease risk that may arise from old honeycombs, against the risk of spreading chemicals such as naphthalene and old honeycombs from old honeycombs.

  1. How much can we gain from using this product?

You can check it on ''Economic Gain'' part from our website.