Thermo-Hives are  produced in Langstroth measures which is one of  the world standards. The outside part of hive is manufactured from sheet metal and it is covered with 30 mm isolation materials. The surface where bees contact is manufactured from water based plywood. Linkage materials and carriage grip are made of steel. It is designed for bees to overcome the difficulties of adverse weather conditions in seasonal transitions.


Embossed Honeycomb

First in the World

Our product is unique in the world. It is wired, slatted and in ready-to-use condition. It is made of natural wax and does not contain additive substance. Each honeycomb contains almost 200 gr of natural wax. Our frames are in Langstroth and Dadant measurements which are world standards. The pores are 5.2 mm in diameter and 5.5 mm in depth. Pores have 9o slope.


Embossed Honeycomb from Natural Honey Wax

Honey Gain

Bees consume 10-25 kg of honey and pollen to produce 1 kg wax.

Bees need to produce 100 gram of wax for embossing each honeycomb.

That means for embossing each honeycomb, bees consume  1.5 kg of honey.

In this case for the honey layer that contains 10 honeycomb, bees consume 15 kg of honey.

Beekeepers who use BAŞARI Embossed Honeycomb will keep that 15 kg honey in pocket.

Economic Gain

                                                 Cost of Frame- 1TL                                                  

Cost of natural wax -2TL

Cost of missing Season-20 TL

Workmanship (Tacking Lath and honeycomb , Wiring)- 1 TL

Cost of missing the ovulation period of Queen bee- 30 TL

Cost of missing the work opportunity for bees-15 TL

Cost of Embossing Honeycomb-21 TL

Using  BAŞARI Embossed Honeycomb earns you 90 Liras.

*Given prices are in Turkish Conditions, it may be different in your country. You can calculate 1 USD as 3.5 TL.